Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Burrata Cheese with Fresh Pesto Drizzle

This was delicious. The Burrata Goat Cheese is worth finding. It has such a nice smooth yet dense texture. It was so flavorful with the basil and pesto. I could easily eat this everyday for lunch and be so happy. We have made a goal in our house to eat local and organic produce. It tastes so much better that I wonder why I haven't I been buying better all along. Possibly because WinnCo and Albertsons are both less than a mile from my house. Which makes them oh so conveniently located. Well no more lazy and convenient for me...apparently. It is suprising though how much better food tastes when you make a little bit more effort.

Anyways less with the rambling more about the food. Again this comes from the Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes cookbook that I can't stop talking about to everyone within listening distance.

I followed the recipe exactly (will wonders never cease) and ate it for lunch 3 days in a row. This again was while we were on vacation in Sunriver (ahhhh).

Check out Jeanne Kelley's blog which is linked above with her book for her wonderful recipes!

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